i'm one step away from the edge (onlystatic) wrote,
i'm one step away from the edge

you are my only one

I don't believe in perfection in the sense that somebody could be without flaws, but i have found that you can find your own perfection, your own match. When you can truely accept a person for who they are, when you can love their flaws and find beauty in everything about them, that is where the perfection lies. They have become perfect to you. You don't enter the relationship thinking you can change them, you take on the endevor knowing that this is what you live for, and what you can't live without.

There is the perfection in the way our bodies fit together like spoons. Even when i hold you we still fit.

There is perfection in the way a single kiss from you can melt my insides. Morning kisses count too, or the kisses where you hold your breath.

There is perfection in the way you look at me with your big blue eyeballs and snuffleupagaus eye lashes. Sometimes i worry that you can see right through me.. but it doesn't matter, you already know me.

There is perfection in the way you touch other people. You can put a smile on the face of boy with a dark and gloomy rain cloud hovering over his head.

There is perfection in the way you interact with children. I find nothing more attractive then a man with a child. The loving tenderness you show only further proves to me that you're the one. That you're going to be a perfect husband, and a perfect father. We'll have our baby M&M's.

There is perfection in the way you try to hide your naked body from me. I can't help but smile when you pull the sheets up because regardless of what you think..i have seen you naked enough times to make a motion picture of you in my mind. I am in love with your white boy butt.

There is perfection in the way you say 'i love you.' You always make sure i feel loved even when i'm in my worst moods, or i've found every possible way to drive you up the wall.

Oh i am what i am, and i'll do what i want but i can't hide i just want you to know that even if somebody told me that i have a boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend that he had in february of last year I was thinking it's a sign that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned, so here i go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you...

you are my only one.
i love you shmermie.
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