i'm one step away from the edge (onlystatic) wrote,
i'm one step away from the edge

I just wanted to thank everyone that came out to Chris's birthday dinner. I had a great time!! It was really nice to see Miss Bryann..and of course JENESSA [sorry you got lost] DANIELLIE- we missed you :/ hopefully we'll hang out soon.

too bad the farris wheel turned off...
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Thanks so much baby.
i love you baby! <3 good times. :) I CANT WAIT TO MOVE IN NEXT TO MARY AND BILLY!!!!!
Oh i know it!
i'm so sorry. i had to work till after 10. : ( next time. come down this weekend you hos!
My mom said she saw you at work! I MISS YOU. we'll be down on sunday apartment hunting. wanna come with?! maybe grab lunch or something?