i'm one step away from the edge (onlystatic) wrote,
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can somebody please explain to me why i've been handed this unrelenting ability to fuck up time and time again.

im so sorry danielle.
im sorry about last night.
about being a bad friend.
about every horrible thing i've ever done.

sometimes i hate myself so much.
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I don't want to be mean Lauren but you really havent been the same Lauren that I used to hang out with. You used to not care about going out and drinking but now you go and do what you did last night.

I love you Lauren and I just wish you could've seen who you were hurting last night. It not only offected Danielle but myself as well.

Talk to you later.
i love you sarah.
im sorry that i hurt you too. :(

i guess if anything i've become more aware of how my actions affect other people.

we need to hang out soon.
i promise i'll wear more clothes!

regardless of any situations in your life, please never feel or say that Lauren. You're a sweet wonderful person and you're a good friend. Don't be so hard on yourself.

remember. i gave you 4 hearts.
feel special.


your zippo is so you.
gimme sunshine!
it was five.
thanks for talking to me.
i appreciate it.

and my zippo fucking rocks.
Petty Bage? HAHA.

...only to you.

Deleted comment

<3 miss you