i'm one step away from the edge (onlystatic) wrote,
i'm one step away from the edge

Dory died yesterday.
i feel like absolute shit.
she was one of the sweetest old women i know.
even on the days i felt like nothing could stop me from breaking down and crying, just seeing her would put a smile on my face.
she was so full of life.
...now im sitting here staring at brian's book...
and i just dont have the heart to erase any of her appointments.
i guess there is part of me that believes it's all a lie
and that next wednesday at 3pm she'll walk through the door and ask for her 'vodka' just like she always does.

it just seems so unfair to me, that this world is full of morons and assholes that deserve nothing more than to be removed from our gene pool and someone so genuinely wonderful is given the boot instead.

i can tell this week is only going to go downhill from this point forward.

i am a complete mess.
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