i'm one step away from the edge (onlystatic) wrote,
i'm one step away from the edge

I don't know how else to say it..

maybe it's meant to be, but not right now.
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i know that exact feeling.
Preach it sistah. I know what you mean Lauren.
We need to talk tonight. Actually, we need to allow me to smoke my life away. That'd help out a lot.

Hope you're okay.
Call me, I'll take my break and head over to go on break with you.
AH. i am misunderstood. i'm perfect. I'm speaking for someone else.

this is dr. lauren speaking.

not lauren in love. DONT GET ME WRONG.
shmoopy and i are good. with a captial G! :)

or was that g for 'gay'?

good lordy. sit and bitch with a pack of cigarettes does sound appealing. ;)
call me at 7. SEVEN.
oo i have an idea... how about i call you at 7. WAIT.. make that SEVEN.

and what happened to taking a break together? JERK.

i see how it is. no lauren love. :( best friends my butt.
This is Danielle.
Call me when you want me to take my break!
Rather call me ten minutes before.


Hi danielle who has suddenly transformed into saqrah soper. Tell sarah i say hi..

and i'll give you ten.



14 years ago


14 years ago

shmoopy and i are good. with a captial G! :) ...or was that g for 'gay'?

Aw, whoooosdahshmoopy??? haha, hi Lauren. We should chill sometime.
<3 send me your address now. i have the worlds cutest card for you!


Deleted comment

Dont tempt me :)

wooo! and if i'm lucky i'll beat the mail man to the mailbox today.

how are things with keith?
i have to do that too and ours is a babe so i LOVE sending mail :)

idk :// I know that i love him more than anything though.

Uh oh. what happened? is the rock still on your finger? Hows the job at the strip bar?

i really need to catch up on your life.

I'm goooooooood :) really good. But busy. I work 45 hours a week, go to school full time...and try to find time to hang out with Chris and Danielle. :/
Hey it's Nick, add me back and check out the pictures from last night.

it's been done. DANGERRRR!